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True Teaching

Target Audience: Educators, Parents, Students, Community Leaders, and Policy Makers
Type of Presentation: 210 page soft-cover book
Objectives: By facilitating difficult conversations on education reform, True Colors inspires children to:
• Gain access to a world class education
• Tap into their talents
• Perform at their peak
• Contribute to their well-being and their community
Benefits: True Colors changes the way you approach teaching and learning, and your relationships with those closest to you.
True Teaching broadens one’s perspective of:
• Past and present models of education
• Current school dynamics and the major players
• Teaching and learning practices through True Colors
True Teaching calls to action our participation in designing a 21st century model of education that embraces:
• Mastery of the basics
• Technology
• Critical thinking
• Collaboration
Cards Included: Yes

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