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True Parenting Advanced Application Certification Training (May 4th & 11th, 2022)

May 4 & 11, 2022 at 9:00AM

Parents face many challenges. A common challenge is adapting their parenting style to each of their unique children. The True Parenting Workshop dives into practical strategies to parent children more effectively. We help caregivers learn how to raise each child in a way that speaks to their true personality while building the trust needed to positively influence growth and development. We also demonstrate how each child and family member influences the behaviors of one another in the home.

The True Parenting Advanced Certification Training expands upon our Personal Success training as it applies to parenting and caring for children. The format includes live instruction from a certified True Colors trainer via Zoom, PowerPoint support materials, a review of hardbound training materials, quizzes, and a question-and-answer session. Each session has follow-up activities as well as homework. Additionally, there are activities to complete in preparation for each session.

Key Training Outcomes:             

  • Learn how to deepen family relationships and create a more harmonious home environment
  • Enhance parenting skills in communication, motivation, discipline, and building self-esteem
  • Gain insight into how each child and family member influences the behaviors of one another in the home

Please Note: You must have already completed the Personal Success Workshop Training and be a current and active True Colors Certified Facilitator to register for this training.


Meet the Instructor:

Dr. Renea Skelton, Ph.D. is a People Whisperer, Coach, Trainer & Joy Junkie. Serving in the Air Force for 22+ years & with 20+years of experience in leadership development, consulting & speaking, she successfully helped countless individuals, teams and organizations become more productive, self-aware, and thrive...providing them with tools to implement immediately. As a True Colors Master Trainer, she delivers energetic, engaging, & transformational workshops incorporating insights that increase awareness, productivity, & morale. Dr. Skelton delivered the True Colors methodology to over 7K individuals in the educational, corporate, government, & military industries.


With her role as a certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach, she helps overwhelmed women discover their voice, elevate joy & live their truth in life, leadership, parenting & relationships. As a corporate trainer, she delivers interactive workshops centered on building trust, increasing emotional intelligence & leveraging effective communication – disrupting the status quo. Dr. Skelton’s motivational podcast, "BattlePod," can be found on various platforms & she’s the author of an award-winning Emotional Intelligence children's book series: "The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog." Her greatest joy is found with her husband of 23 years & her three amazingly resilient children. Her motto in life is to love UP, love IN, so you can love OUT!


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