Teaching & Learning Styles Advanced Application Certification Training

Teaching & Learning Styles Advanced Application Certification Training

The Teaching and Learning Styles Workshop provides key information and strategies for anyone involved in educational programs — teachers, administrators, and support staff. We equip all educators with the tools to teach in a way that is best suited to the personality of each student. This is because just as everyone has a unique personality, each person has a preferred learning style.

In the True Teaching and Learning Styles Advanced Certification Training, you will learn about different teaching styles and how to encourage learning and achievement. This training helps Facilitators understand the True Colors concepts regarding learning and how it applies to different temperament styles. Your training will be a springboard for developing improved teaching skills, greater communication in the classroom, and positive attitudes among workshop participants, their students, and any students of your own.

Key Training Outcomes:             

  • Understand the learning styles of students, clients, and groups using True Colors as your guide to the different personality types
  • Recognize how students will hear, participate, respond, and remember your session
  • Broaden your perspective of teaching and learning practices using True Colors

Please Note: You must have already completed the Personal Success Workshop Training and be a current and active True Colors Certified Facilitator to register for this training.


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