Personal Awareness & Success Certification Training Dallas, TX February 14-16, 2024

Personal Awareness & Success Certification Training Dallas, TX February 14-16, 2024


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 February 14-16, 2024 at 8:00AM

By embarking on this journey, you’ll acquire the necessary training skills, tools, resources, and community support needed to effectively deliver True Colors' transformational training from the widely recognized authority in color temperament methodology.

The proprietary four-day training program is highly interactive, engaging, life-changing and helps participants explore their own distinctive personality strengths, challenges and stressors.

The last day of the certification process is virtual and focused on advanced facilitation skills to ensure excellent and consistent delivery of our methodology, according to the True Colors training standards.

In preparation for this, the Facilitator Candidate will complete Key components which include:

  1. Passing a competency exam.
  2. Providing a video of the Facilitator Candidate conducting a training (10-15 minutes).
  3. Producing a reflection document with Key learnings from the 3 days of Certification training.

On the fourth-day training, you will learn:

Facilitator skills such as difference between facilitating and presenting; asking specific questions to engage all Color types; Adult Learning Theory; how to teach to all Colors; how to create engagement from all participants; specific training techniques, and much more.

Upon the completion and evaluation of the full four-day, you will become a Certified True Colors Facilitator and trained to deliver the proprietary three-hour Personal Awareness & Success Training. Plus, we’ve partnered with BadgeCert, a leading digital credential provider, to deliver your certification badge that can be displayed proudly, accessed, verified, and shared online. This is a valuable symbol of your achievement that is recognized worldwide.

Why should you register for Personal Awareness & Success Certification training?

  • Gain tools and resources to grow your business and income
  • Develop the leadership skills needed to excel in your career
  • Learn the True Colors unique temperament methodology
  • Become equipped to deliver Personal Awareness and Success trainings, professional/staff development, and in-service programs using True Colors material.
  • Become eligible to take Advanced Certification trainings
  • Become a part of an incredible True Colors Facilitator community

     Meet the Instructor:


    Dr. Renea Skelton, PhD, is a Certified Life and Communication Coach, a True Colors Master Trainer, Speaker, and Author. With an impressive track record spanning over two decades in leadership and emotional intelligence development, Dr. Skelton has been a guiding force for numerous individuals and teams, propelling their performance and impact both in their personal and professional domains.

     In her role as a True Colors Master Trainer, she is known for delivering dynamic, immersive, and transformative workshops that revolve around enhancing effective communication, elevating emotional intelligence, and mitigating conflicts. Dr. Renea has been instrumental in disseminating the True Colors methodology to over 9K individuals across diverse sectors, including education, corporate, government, healthcare, and the military.

     A retired Air Force combat veteran with 22 years of service, Dr. Renea's unique superpower lies in her unwavering dedication to fostering self-awareness and authentic communication in others. She is also celebrated as the author of the award-winning children's book series on Emotional Intelligence titled "The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog."

     Dr. Renea derives her joy with her husband of 26 years, her three brilliant children, an adorable mini-Aussie who refuses to leave her side, and a resilient sea monkey who continues to live well beyond its average life span.