Conflict Navigation Advanced Application Certification Training

Conflict Navigation Advanced Application Certification Training

Conflict is inevitable. It’s a part of everyday life and can occur in any organization. Our Conflict Navigation Workshop explores the nuances of conflict, identifies strategies to navigate conflict, and provides insights that allow organizations to achieve a culture that values differences and creates unity. Our methodology facilitates conflict navigation by helping people understand not only their own strengths and challenges but also those of others around them.

The True Colors Conflict Navigation Advanced Certification Training provides Certified Facilitators with everything they need to deliver a remarkable and valuable workshop. The training will incorporate practical and useful activities applying True Colors concepts providing a wonderful opportunity to enhance your life and the life of others.

Key Training Outcomes:

  • Understand the causes, characteristics, and cures for conflict
  • Understand fundamental elements of conflict and negotiations
  • Recognize how to use key concepts regarding conflict to improve daily life
  • Broaden your perspective of conflict resolution and negotiations using True Colors

Please Note: You must have already completed the Personal Success Workshop Training and be a current and active True Colors Certified Facilitator to register for this training.


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