Grace Baker

Grace is a Chartered Mediator who has been presenting the True Colors Program for many years. She uses it almost daily in her conflict management work as well as with families, workplaces, government agencies, educational facilities, and individuals.

“It’s a joyful and interesting way to help people overcome difficulties, but even more importantly, it helps us understand why certain things bother us while others do not. True Colors is an educational piece that helps develop awareness of differences in a healthy way.

We become aware of what offends or upsets ourselves and others and what helps us avoid creating conflict unintentionally. Participants come to a place where they appreciate each other’s strengths and use that to build strong well-functioning families, workplaces, and groups.

It stops us from taking inadvertent conflict as personally, helping to move us forward in positive ways that strengthen relationships and makes us into high performance teams. The potential of the program is unlimited.”


Grace is an Elite Facilitator specializing in Conflict Navigation, Personal Success, Communication, Teaching and Team Building. Her strengths lie in the Orange/Blue areas of fun, freedom, skill, people skills, peace, and harmony. As a facilitator she uses an experiential and lively style that keeps you on the edge of your seats and looking for more. You will be getting so much information and having so much fun, you will not want it to end.

No problem. Grace does single workshops or also series of workshops to build on your knowledge and help you build expertise in this area that may then provide you with opportunities that may not have otherwise been available to you or within your current knowledge area.