Dr. Renea Skelton

Dr. Renea Skelton is a 22-year Air Force veteran and served in various roles as a Human Resources Director, Educator, Curriculum Developer, Academic Evaluator, Assistant Professor, and Certified Trainer. She is currently a Leadership & Communication Consultant, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Author. As a Master Trainer, she delivered the True Colors methodology to more than 6,000 participants. Certified in 2017, she continues to deliver True Colors to various corporations and military organizations throughout the United States.

Her personal mission is to create opportunities to unleash the power of human potential, embrace diversity, and help organizations and people to thrive.

Her motivational podcast, “BattlePod” can be found on Spotify and she is the author of an Emotional Intelligence children’s book series: “The Adventures of Henry the Hedgehog.” Dr. Skelton holds a Doctorates in Organizational Leadership and is married to her best friend of 23 years, has three amazing children, and an overweight lazy cat!