Dinah Sapunarich

Dinah Sapunarich has been a True Colors Personal Success Facilitator since 2010. She was recently certified as a True Colors Elite Facilitator with 3 advance certifications: Team Building, Communication, and Conflict Navigation.

As a Talent Development Professional with over 25 years of Corporate and Non-Profit experience, she has facilitated several other personality assessments, but her experience has confirmed that True Colors is the one that sticks!

She was initially introduced to True Colors while working as the Training Instructor for Working Wardrobes, a non-profit in Orange County, CA serving individuals in the community with barriers to employment. She experienced the immediate impact the results of the assessment initiated for herself and the clients…life changing. Individuals expressed being empowered with a self-awareness they never possessed as well as feeling more confident in their work and personal relationships.


Her most recent experience involved facilitating the True Colors Personal Success Workshop weekly to a diverse population including Military Veterans, young adults, professionals, men, and women with barriers to employment.

Dinah is a true blue/orange who loves to connect with people, encourage with truth and nurture the potential in others. She is married to Jim and has one married son. She loves the outdoors, birdwatching, sailing with her husband, traveling to the National Parks with her high school best friends, playing guitar and singing her heart out!