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Let Your True Colors Shine (Guide to Personal Success) 3rd Edition

Target Audience: Everyone! Especially People who want to discover more about themselves and improve.
Type of Presentation: 176 page soft-cover book.
Objectives: The purpose of this book is to illuminate the world around you and help you develop personally to improve performance in all facets of your life.
Benefits: Key Benefits include…
1. Understand more about yourself
2. Understand more about the people in your family and in your work setting
3. Understand more about people you encounter in your daily activities
4. Understand the growth and development of temperament typology, particularly the True Colors model
5. Understand more about introversion and extroversion
6. Understand the values, joys, strengths and needs of each temperament/color type
7. Understand what stresses and frustrates each temperament/color type
8. Understand how to improve communication
9. Understand how to improve relationships
10. Understand how to improve yourself (two tiers of self-improvement strategies provided)
Cards Included: Yes

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